With Railways Run railway simulation becomes collaborative!
Not another simulator
Railwas Run is an hub that lets join together users from different simulators.
Every software can connect to it
You can simulate the same situation from different softwares!
Same scenario, different points of view

Now you can play a scenario and share it, on different simulators!
Every action has an effect

Railways Run, linking together more than one simulator, let you have a feedback of your decisions on the scenario played.
Easy integration on the software

Using webservices, it's easy to get information and update them!

How does it work?
You're on your favorite train driving simulator, ready to go and the signal right ahead you is still closed. Today is your simulator that manages when to open that signal, and to what aspect. Tomorrow it will be another enthusiast like you, on his rail traffic control simulator. Signals, switches, blocks occupations, other trains, anomalies: everything can be shared! And this with a unique variability and realism!

Enter into Railways Run!
Download Infrastructure client

Infrastucture Client is the software to control and manage traffic on railway lines. Changes in status of rail elements will be shared in real-time with other users.

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